10 June 2007

Finally, Creme Brulee

Before I bought my blowtorch, I swore I would attempt Creme Brulees once I laid my hands on one. After I did, I resolutely declared that the only thing standing between me and the perfect creme brulee is a ramekin. Plain, simple ramekins - preferably a set of 6 at least. And when a very generous friend gave me a set that had sentimental value to her, I waited and waited. And waited and waited until today, to make Creme Brulee.

I think the reason I hummed and hawed my way till today was because I imagined that something so delectable would involve long, tedious procedures akin to making macarons. To my tremendous surprise, they took much less than the 5 hours that I took to make macarons previously. In fact, I only needed a measuring cup, a whisk, a bowl, ramekins and a blowtorch. Of course, plenty of egg yolks and heavy cream, a little sugar and good ol' vanilla pods.

Who would have known, without looking at the recipe, that making Creme Brulees would be so easy and fun? My first attempt at it however, resulted in something less than desirable. The filling was chalky, dry and almost hard, which I attributed to the oven that I had not gotten acquainted with before.

Each oven has its own character. Some are quick-tempered and firey: fast to heat up, and tend to reach a temperature higher than required. Others could be sloth-like and unflappable: which means that you should preheat it much earlier than you think you need it, and need to jack the heat up a little in order for it to reach the temperature required to make your cookies puff up. My guess was that the oven was a little too hot for the liking of the Creme Brulee.

However, back in the comfort of my tiny kitchen and with my own petulant oven, I found the recipe needed slight tweaking as well. While it was definitely a better version compared to the first attempt, there's still some way yet before it can attain the ethereal quality that I have in my mind's eye. What I have pictured is something that surrenders more than willingly to the slightest touch of the teaspoon, like the best steamed egg pudding you've ever had, that would bulge in the middle under its own weight if inverted onto a plate.
What I have somewhat mastered however (after torching so many Creme Brulees) is how to give the Creme Brulee a beautifully thin, crisp caramelised sugar lid with a gorgeous brown hue. While my first few Creme Brulees started out charred at the edges, all it took was a tiny adjustment to the size of the flame and a gentler nursing of the fine sugar from crystals into a golden liquid, then solid again.

Still, the recipe will have to undergo a few more tries before it can be shared with anyone. Once it has been perfected, I can see it bringing much joy and excitement to a dinner party by letting everyone torch their own Creme Brulees. A DIY Creme Brulee, wouldn't that be cool!

Support me in my bid to raise money for the Children's Cancer Foundation through Hair For Hope 2007. Read more about it here.


:: Lavender Cupcaker :: said...

The Creme brulee are so lovely Daffy! your creations are always simple and true to your personality. :) Decorate it with an edible flower and it will add a feminine lovely touch it. :) I tried it at my workplace and it turned out so pretty..hee.

I can't believe it that you are doing such a brave act all in the name of charity. I admire you alot! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda! =) Any idea where I can get edible flowers? I'm sure it would make it pretty.

And thank you, I hope you'll support the children too!

jer said...

You're doing hair for hope?!? -gulp-

i did that last summer phwah!

and i haven't visited your blog in a really long time . :0


Anonymous said...

Hey! So that was why you shaved last year! I thought it was cos you were hot =) Heh. I hope nobody thinks I'm shaving this year just because of global warming.

Nice to hear from you again!

Anonymous said...
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val said...

omigawd....creme bruleeeeeeee. are u taking orders, its the first thing i wanna eat when i get back! heeheeheee....miss ur cookin babe!

Anonymous said...

I'm not taking orders, but for you, anything goes. We'll have our own diy creme brulee party when you get back woman! =)

jer said...

hey wait i didnt rem seeing you last year haha.. yea i did the hair for hope 2006. hope it won't be traumatic for you, but i must say, that's really brave! wahah!

and i want creme brulee, too :P

are you working already?

Anonymous said...

No no, I didn't go last year, I just saw your photos on your blog. =) And I think the children are way more brave than I.

I'm working already! Have been since February =)

jer said...

OH. haha nice to know that my blog's being read, still :) thanks! photos of the loss of my crowning glory ugh.

started in February? That's fast? didn't you take 4 years? haha or 3 and a half for you super high-flyer? :)

catch up, some time? :) hope things are good for you.

Anonymous said...

Yes please, lets catch up some time soon!
And I graduated last June, I just 'bummed' around till February. It's really a looooong icky story that I need a looooong time to relate =)

jer said...

very well. :) maybe like AFTER your hair-shave we can meet up *snigger* ok i'm just kidding. new-found respect for you *salutes*

long story, i can imagine. :)

facebook/msn me if u feel like it waha!

oh and if you could revise PSC's overseas maintenance allowance for michigan...... :P -grin-

Anonymous said...

haha, we can definitely meet after shaving. I'll put on snazzy caps and bandanas!

Yes yes, how to add you to msn? email add?

and I wish I had that much power over peoples' lives and welfare, but sadly I don't! =)

jer said...
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Anonymous said...


jer said...

:) thanks