13 February 2010

For I am only human


We all have our weaknesses. Not so recently, I added another weakness to my already ridiculously long list, which includes but is not limited to a soft spot for elegant tableware, a penchant for leather bags (sadly, at my pay scale I can only lust after them), and a perpetual craving for all forms of Japanese food, especially hotate.

This new weakness of mine is the yearning to have supper more often than not, once the hour hand of the clock hovers over '11'. I do not consume tiny dinners, no, that's not possible with Ed around. With a voracious appetite like his, we often order too much than we need. Yet sometimes I find myself craving for something else a couple of hours later.

And so does he.

So we have stashes of food that keep well and can be whipped up in a flash. We have progressed from packets of salt and vinegar crisps that need no cooking at all, to cold soba that's deliciously refreshing on warm, stuffy nights. Our latest is instant fish congee, with a lightly beaten egg stirred into it at the end and topped off with some sesame oil and chopped spring onion. Admittedly, this takes a little more time that many are willing to commit to for a quick late night fix. But good things truly come to those who wait.

Eaten in the comfort of a chilly room set at arctic temperatures (of course this means your room will smell of fish porridge for the rest of the night), it was blissful. It was one of those nights when we could only hear the clock and our stomachs grumbling. But not for long. This is one supper I'm willing to repeat over and over again even though it comes straight out of a packet.

I suppose that means I should add 2 new weaknesses to my list - eating supper (frequently) and eating pre-packed instant food. Eeks.