26 December 2008

Merry Christmas! Has it really been so long?

I've been so busy with Operation Secret Santa that I haven't even had time to blog about this amazing and incredibly fun French-themed dinner party I had in November! Anyway, besides the mad singing at the SuperVIP room at Party World, Christmas was a rather slow and calm affair with family. The night of Christmas eve was spent pigging out on the usual suspects.

Turkey was bought from Meat the Butcher - super friendly new butchery that opened recently along Bukit Timah Road, next to Coronation Plaza. Check out their adorable logo! And since I was there, I thought I'd also grab a hunk of beef to roast. The staff was very helpful in recommending cheaper cuts suitable for roasting.

From Greengrocer, I couldn't resist ordering oysters as I thought it'd be fun having a oyster shucking session for all the big-bulky-biceped-cousins to get a workout.

A couple of days before Christmas, I also purchased a fat slab of salmon to cure for the first time! It was rather nerve wrecking since I had not done it before, ever. But I'm proud to announce that it was really simple. The recipe was simple, I even added my own twists of cinnamon and mustard undertones. I must warn clean-freaks though, that it was rather messy, but more about it in another post.

The night after the crazy dinner of turkey, beef, salmon and oysters, we had the leftovers sliced and shredded together with some foccacia and wheat bread. And can you believe it, we still have more oysters! I hope they don't die in our chiller before I dig them out again to deep fry in beer batter.

I received a couple of gifts for Christmas too - the number of gifts have sadly dwindled significantly over the years, must be the you're-too-old-for-gifts-mentality. One is NEVER too old for gifts! One of the sweetest gifts I've received was from my brother. Though corny -the book is about a brother-sister relationship- the choice of the book was excellent. The illustrations are beautiful.

Hope you had a meaningful and wonderful Christmas!