10 June 2007

When looks don't (really) count

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One fine afternoon, I received a text from my brother that said 'I bought Chewy Juniors!'. I had never heard of it and frankly the name was not very inspiring. It brought to mind a certain muesli bar that used to be all the rage in my junior college days, that I have since gotten entirely sick of.

When he rang me up to share his very amusing excitement, the first thing I practically (and affectionately) hollered into the phone to him was 'What the hell are chewy juniors??' His description was 'They are like cream puffs, but flat. And instead of the puff being soft, they are chewy!'

I thought they really just sounded like a batch of cream puffs gone very very wrong. But when I went home and very cautiously chewed on one (of the two left for me), they.... well, they really grow on you. At first you think they're not really thaaat impressive. But the more I chewed (and chewed and chewed and chewed), the more I got hooked onto their... chewiness.

I simply cannot carry on with this post because there's just no other way to describe them other than that, chewy. Apparently they sell like hotcakes, and there's always a long queue. But being located in the rather ulu Tanjong Pagar Plaza, it's no wonder 'westerners' like me don't hear about them much.
Chewy Juniors
Blk 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #01-18.

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