23 November 2009

When salad gets boring, and Thomas Keller


My favourite addition to salads has got to be fried haloumi cheese. You get a beautifully crispy crust and totally awesome salty molten cheese that makes any boring old salad alive again. Best results come with sufficient oil - something I learnt not to stinge on from Thomas Keller's latest cookbook "Ad Hoc".

I haven't tried any of his recipes but the book has been an exciting read so far. Yes, I'm one of those freaks who actually reads cookbooks from cover to cover within a day. Meanwhile, the copy of Milton Friedman's 'Capitalism and Freedom' has been sitting on my desk for the longest time and I'm barely past chapter 2. I barter traded reading a book for my boss to watch a video I thought would change her life. It was a 3 part 20 min Youtube video and I now realise I got the shorter end of the stick.

Anyway, back to the book. I love the conversational tone in the book and all the little tips Thomas Keller added. I was worried the recipes would still be somewhat fussy but was significantly relieved when I read the part about not being silly about having to cut carrots into perfect batons. I hope to try one of the recipes soon - CH already has and gave awesome reviews. I'm also still working towards visiting Per Se and The French Laundry someday, soon.


eveeleva said...

i love love love haloumi cheese..keller vs friedman?? i'm glad u read the keller! makes for more interesting conversation don't u think?

Daffy said...

HELLO EVEELEVA!!! I think so too, but tell that to my boss. I'm pretty sure you know her too =)
Haloumi cheese is indeed most awesome. Possibly my favourite cheese. Okay, make that top 5.

retro sweets said...

Give it another love for the haloumi cheese! Perfect for anything! :)

Anonymous said...