18 February 2007

Why it is better to have a daughter and not a son.

The day before the Chinese Lunar New Year, my family usually has a gathering for all the sons (and their families) of the Yuen family to reunite for a simple dinner. This year, it was decided that it would be at our home, and that it would be a potluck (phew!). Everyone was really obedient and brought at least a dish each. Of course, it was still my grandma who prepared the most to bring over.

However, even though work was considerably lessened for my family since it was a potluck, there was still a ton of work to be done. My mother was the first to wake up to begin the day's preparation, followed by me. So while we cut, chopped, marinated, washed, heated, sliced, roasted, stir-fried, cleaned up, organised, re-arranged, soaped, rinsed, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera (seriously, there has to be alot of etceteras here to justify the work)......, The Son and The Father slept.

And at 1pm, the son finally opened his golden eyelids. After waffling around the home for a little, walking past things that were lying around and waiting to be put back into its rightful place, he decided to direct his golden eyes on the computer monitor and lay his jade fingers onto the keyboard.

Soon after, he used his majestic voicebox to ask the imperial question, 'Is there anything to eat?'

Within a matter of minutes, The Banquet was set up and His Majesty aka The Father, was gently nudged awake. He then moved to the table, sloth-like, and ceremoniously plonked himself down at the head of the table, waiting for his humble servants to bring his bowl of grub. The Crown Prince aka The Son again used his golden voice box to ask 'No meat ah?' Of course, his humble servants pointed out that there was some ham in the omelette and that he may help himself to all of it if he so wishes.

I guess His Majesty must have felt a little guilty, because later on he decided to help his servants clean up the palace for the rest of the day. But of course, The Son resumed fighting armies of demons and monsters on his computer until the guests arrived.

What happened during the Reunion Dinner shouldn't be too hard to guess, but that shall be a story for another day.


Anonymous said...

I have a younger sister who is fairly much the same. I reminded her to ring our mother today to wish her a happy new year and what did she do? Waited until after she had her mid morning siesta. When the whole family is in one place she is fairly much like your brother. To say that it drives me insane is an understatement!!!

Y. (in Sydney)

Anonymous said...

:) And yet we can't help but love them anyway. Such torture!

faith said...

haha. i also had the honour of jostling with crowds to buy new year goodies in chinatown. and of course, the sun king (aka the father) was resting while the girls toiled away. :)

anyways, xin nian kuai le! :)

gabriel said...

but daffy, we NEED somebody to slay the dragons and bad guys on the computer. SOMEBODY has to do the dirty work. =)

Anonymous said...

faith> :) xin nian kuai le to you too! Hope you had a good bounty of ang baos!

Gabe> Oh sure sure. It must be tough on you guys... :)