24 February 2007

Don't hang up your cheongsams just yet!

The Seventh Day of the Chinese New Year is today, and that means Lo Hei Day! That is, plenty of chopsticks doing vertical aerobics over a huge plate of shredded raw vegetables, raw fish, plum sauce, and my favourite crispy deep-fried er... Damn, I don't even know what they're called.

We're supposed to shout out auspicious wishes for the new year like 'Shen Ti Jian Kang' (Good Health), but sometimes when I can't think of any great cheng yus (four word phrases), I just resort to going down the list in the cheng yu book that I used to have to memorise in secondary school. Of course, they are used out of context so I say it really softly - 'Ai Bu Shi Shou' (Loving something so much that you're reluctant to part with it), 'Ai Wu Ji Wu' (Loving a crow so much that you even love the house that it is perched on). My mandarin truly fails me everytime I need it the most, but I can handle a couple of cheng yus every now and then.

And although I don't usually admit to this, every time I have Lo Hei, I try to scoop up only the crispy bits and the raw fish. They're really The Best. Just for laughs, maybe one day I'll have a Lo Hei of only raw fish and crispy bits. That way, every scoop is pure bliss.

Go to trusty wikipedia for more information on Lo Hei.


tabehodai said...

Happy Chinese New Year! oink oink...
May this year bring you and your loved ones good health and happiness aplenty.
I'm looking forward to more drooling posts from you in this piggy year :p

Anonymous said...

Happy Chinese to you too my dear! =) I hope I will have drooling posts too. Pray that I won't be eaten alive by my work!

faith said...

haha, me too! anyways, here's to general joy and more good food in this coming year! :) i hope i don't lose my social life in the midst of work too. hehs.

Anonymous said...

muhahahahahhahahahaha, i laughed so hard at the cheng yu bit! ai bu shi shou. you horrid girl, (insert chinese teacher's name) would be so UPSET WITH YOU! anyway, missing you! (love you too!)


Anonymous said...

Faith> Yes maintaining a good work-life balance shall be my Chinese New Year resolution! :)

Shu> I miss you too! What happened to our lessons out at sea?! That weiJun fella is not responsive to my smses at all! =) And you know, I am incredibly familiar with only the first few cheng yus in that book cos those are the few I always start out memorising until my attention fades off towards the end. Heh heh heh.