27 February 2007

Nouvelle Lo Hei

Lo Hei has evolved over the years since the first time I was allowed to hold a pair of chopsticks and join in the vertical aerobics over a big dish of raw vegetables and fish. Now, the fish used may be raw salmon, or even smoked salmon. Lo Hei condiments are now also sold in a variety of packaging, even bringing in Thai influences that smelt heavily of fish sauce. And the icing on the cake for me this year was how we did our Lo Hei on the marble table top instead.

My father suggested it, then proceeded to scrub, rinse and wipe the table top so that it'd be impeccably clean to eat from. While initial responses included shock, horror and disgust, everyone started to embrace the idea and have fun arranging the ingredients on the table once it was declared sane to eat from.

And for prosperity, happiness, and pure superstition, we shaped it all into a figure of eight.

Then the aerobic exercise commenced alongside random, well-wishes for the new year ahead.


gabriel said...

That was a cool idea from your Dad! When Lo-Hei-ing, most of the ingredients end up on the table anyway!

Haha, maybe you could push the idea further next year and eat off the floor! =p

D said...

I love the pictures. Very colorful.

Anonymous said...

gabe> SURE! but after you. =)

D> Glad you do.

:: Lavender Cupcaker :: said...


so cool to have a lo hei. Apparently, my family doesn't have this habit. Anyway hope you are still doing well gal!

Anonymous said...

LC> Well you could most certainly start this next year! =)