04 November 2006

Dessert overload

My interest in the kitchen started during my secondary school days through Home Economics where we learnt how to make Kueh Dadar, scones and cheese twists among many others. Although we had attempted savoury food as well, my most vivid memories of Home Economics involved the sweets.

The oven was a good friend of mine, along with the spatula, electric mixer and plenty and plenty of sugar. All this was until my brother started complaining that he was getting a sugar overload from being my perpetual guinea pig. And that his waistline was expanding rather drastically, along with my Dad's and my Mum's. It was only then that I decided to venture into stove-work for the sake of my family's hearts and girths.

But though I have derived numerous hours of pleasure in the kitchen steaming crab for the first time, or searing lamb cutlets, or creating a dressing for salads using some precious olive oil I bought from Lisbon, I am still a dessert-addict at heart.

After every meal, I have to have a sugar fix. Even if it is just a small bowl of red bean soup, or some green tea ice cream, or even just a cream puff or two. But when it is a huge platter of desserts as such......

... or two, then all the better.

Somehow, I managed to cajole two friends of mine into paying a dollar more each ($14 as opposed to $13) to get a dessert sampler for 4 at Corduroy after our dinner there (the food was not bad, but in light of that huge dessert platter, it has now faded into the abysses of my memory). That's right, we asked for a dessert sampler for 4 persons, when there was only three of us. Even the waitress advised us that it was quite alot. We did finish it all in the end, though it really was a little too much.

The selection of cakes and pastries was varied enough for our tastebuds to not be oversaturated with a particular flavour, but the chocolate platter was just a little too much. Sharing ONE truffle among three people was quite fun and challenging though. To not take too big a bite as to rob others of trying it, yet to not take too small a bite that would not allow a proper tasting of the truffle. Eating the various desserts using the miniscule cutlery that we were provided with was thoroughly amusing as well.

All in all, while most of the desserts were not particularly memorable, they were great eye-candy (in all senses of the word) and worth a try at least once. I really do love those glass dishes, and am adding them to the long list that I have accumulated by now- of tableware that I am getting for my kitchen that I'm still working on slowly.


aPril said...

oh my i am so going to try this dessert platter when i get back in dec :D hope work is going well for you.. good luck with your band at B&J! :)

Anonymous said...

I knew you'd be attracted to this dessert platter! You and gabe can have it for dinner =) Or call me along and I'll help you finish it! Heh.
Work is definitely much better now, and thanks for the luck! It's quite exciting really. =)

valentinA said...

i'd give anything to share that mannnnnnnnn, it looks soooooooo gooooooooooood....ohmygawd. die die die...