28 October 2006


I contemplated not blogging about Miss Heng's farewell. This is afterall, supposed to be a food blog. But there are only a few things I take more interest in than food, and my alma mater is one of them.

Once an SC girl, always an SC girl.

A wave of nostalgia swept over me as I stepped into the school compound. Other than a few upgrades, SC is still the same. The same tesselated tiles, the same dance studio, the same atmosphere, the same canteen vendors and the same sea of blue.

Check out the really beautiful collage put together by the girls.

All the old girls gathered in the Atrium, that I remember thinking was a swimming pool without the water in it and kept hoping that one day it would be filled. An ex-headprefect handed out lyrics for two songs we were to sing to Miss Heng, accompanied by two guitarists. The most hilarious part was when we were rehearsing how to shout 'SURPRISE' in unison. Again, and again. 'Miss Heng! SURPRISE!'

The whole plan was delayed a little as Miss Heng had left for her farewell lunch (in her spanking new Mini Cooper) a little late. Since I had an appointment to rush off to, I made sure I was first in line (like a kiasu auntie) to give her a hug, a little card, have a few words with her, teary eyed (both of us), and then a final goodbye hug. I was sad to have to miss her cake cutting and the huge photo opportunity.

Here's one Addy sent to me of Miss Heng and a few others from our batch. We were among the oldest around there that day!

Only those who have had the fortune of being in her presence will understand why her retirement is such a big issue. She really is everything I expect of a good principal. She will be sorely missed.


aPril said...

oh man i wish i could have been there! :/ do you know what are ms heng's plans now? Hope you're well daffy :)

Anonymous said...

i wish u could have too! she will still be on the board for SC, so she's still involved just not as a principal. :) I was glad to hear that.
Thank u April, I am doing great now =)Same for you I hope?

Lynn said...

Aiyee, I wished I knew about this earlier. I was planning to go down and see her but didn't know that she had retired...
Am in London down and went to Montezuma choc shop 'cos I remembered you told me about it!.
How's life?

Anonymous said...

Is the girl on the right in yellow Lynette?

andrea said...

Really glad you blogged about Ms Heng's farewell...love the photos. :)

Anonymous said...

Lynn> I didn't find out about her retirement until just before the farewell too! How did you find the Montezuma choc? Did you try any of their more exotic sounding ones? Life is going good for me now, starting to get the hang of working life:) you?

Anonymous> No, that's actually Addy, a very close girlfriend of mine!

Andrea> YOU'RE FROM SC TOO?? I'm sorry I have a bad memory. If you did tell me, I don't have any recollection as well! You should have been there to check out her Mini cooper. And of course join in the fun of practising 'SURPRISE!' :)

andrea said...

yeah... was there when the sch was at Emerald Hill...and spent my O levels year at the new compound. As you can tell...that was v v long ago. :P

I didn't know you were from sc until I read this post. Think we didnt have a chance to talk much at the flogger's dinner...were you the one who gave out the knives?

Btw, were you at Canele on Sat afternoon? Thought I saw someone who looked like you but wasn't sure.

Anonymous said...

Haha, yes I was the one who gave out the beautiful Kasumi knives. We didn't get much chance to talk indeed. You going to the next one? We can talk about the good old days, even if we're not from the same batch =)

And YES! I WAS AT CANELE! omg, so that WAS you! In a black top, sitting by the wall, RIGHT? I thought it was you too, but wasn't sure so I didn't venture more than a glance for fear you thought I had other motives. *grin*

andrea said...

Oh! What a coincidence! I looked over to your table several times but didn't managed to catch your eye as you were talking to your friends. My friends prob wondering why I was ogling a gal... :P

Yes, I should be going to the next Flogger's dinner since my friend Cindy is supposed to organise. See ya then! :)

vanessafrida said...

Hi, Sebastian guided me to your blog. I am a SCGS gal too. I heard there's a farewell dinner organised on the 28th of Dec for Ms Heng. :)

Anonymous said...

Andrea> That's great! I'll see you then. :) Oh but what about the blogtv.sg gathering?

Vanessa> Yes Sebastian let me have a look at yours too. I've actually been lurking around yours for a while now and you're a busy bee in the kitchen! I thought the roast lamb looked perfect. Yes, Miss Heng is having a farewell in Dec, but I'm not clear about the details. You'll probably have to call the office about this, as it's open to all ex-sc girls too. :)

vanessa said...

Thanks .... should try making the lamb...simple stuff.

I love your cooking too. :) And great photography....very impressive.

I see you enjoy hanging at holland v...so do i....almost a perm fixture at wala wala. hahahaha...so no not really that busy in the kitchen. It comes and goes in spurts in general.

I know i am going for the dinner, but that is as much as i know...hahahaha

btw....how did you stumble across my blog. Just curious. :)