29 October 2006

El Patio, Wala Wala and Cornetto

Holland Road is one of my favourite places to hang out, not just because it has two great bead shops (one for cheap beads and one for quirky charms), but also because it is a great foodie place. Chip Bee Gardens (just opposite Holland Village) hides some big names like Michaelangelos, Da Paolo, Au Petit Salut, Shermay's and even Phoon Huat (even though their target market is a little different).

But not so hidden from roving eyes would be those eateries within Holland Village itself. Particularly of interest to me would be the more exotic restaurants serving lebanese, middle eastern or mexican food. So when two of my very, very sweet friends decided to give me a treat to anywhere in Holland Village, I jumped on the opportunity to dine at El Patio.

Being situated just beside NYDC, they are simply furnished with dark, woody furniture and psychedelic woven tablecloths. Ravenous, I ordered a Chicken and Beef Fajita (Fa-hee-ta) and thanked the heavens for the free flow of nachos and salsa dip. Each of our chicken/beef filling came served on a hot plate, with some sour cream and guacamole (goo-a-ka-moh-leh) on the side, and three thin flour tortillas. They were yummy and deceptively filling.

But while we enjoyed the food very much, all three of us took more pleasure in the service. They were extremely welcoming, friendly without being intrusive, attentive and chirpy. The small things made all the difference. Perhaps it is because the level of service in Singapore is extremely appalling that anything just above average is so refreshing. Their assistant manager, Jagan, will definitely be expecting me again soon!

YS went over to Coffee Bean, on the pretext of making a phone call outside, to get two slices of chocolate cake for me! Where there is chocolate cake, rest assured that there will be Daffy! I insisted that they sing a birthday song for me before I blew out the candles, but once they started singing I immediately regretted and couldn't wait to put out them out!

We then hopped over to Wala Wala for a night of non-alcoholic drinks and good music. Their friday night band, EIC, was phenomenal and psyched me up so much, making me much more determined to put in greater effort into my own. EIC had really made my night as I left the place with a little groove in my steps.

As part of my break from work, I was determined to spend a little more time with my Dad. I usually don't get much opportunity to do so since he would usually be out of the house before I wake up and into bed shortly after I get home. So off to the driving range it was the following afternoon, together with my brother, while my Mom was sadly at work and unable to join us.

At the petrol station on the way to the club, my Dad had returned to the car with a bag of 3 Cornetto ice cream cones. Immediately, I felt like I was a five year old again in the back seat of the car excitedly licking my ice cream that my Daddy bought for me. As both my brother and I have stopped getting allowances from our parents since many years ago, when our parents buy us anything it's a rarity to be treasured. But a treat in the form of ice cream? The scene of us eating our ice creams in the car was quite a sight as well. My Dad really, really enjoys his ice cream. And I felt very much like Daddy's little girl.

El Patio Mexican Restaurant and Wine Bar
34 Lorong Mambong
Holland Village
Singapore 277691
Tel: 64681520


the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

Happy Birthday Daffy! :)

Anonymous said...

not too many insults. thanks. idiot.

yew sen

Anonymous said...

yd>thank you very much! Your pandan chiffon cake sounds like my first experience making pandan chiffon cake!

ys>no insults at all!

sam said...

Happy Birthday!!

On a sidenote: I thought the place used to be ChaChaCha - maybe they've changed the name or it might be a different place! o.O It's next to NYDC as well though. And only the first bowl of nachos is on the house! Ah but mexican food = love. :) Especially when there are so few places in Singapore serving it.

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Anonymous said...

sams>Thank you! oh dear, maybe I got the position of the restaurant wrong? It was directly opposite Wala Wala, that I remember. Mexican food is such comfort! =)