24 October 2006

The Calm After The Storm

So I have a little time to myself, finally and thanks to the public holiday. After slightly more than two straight weeks of work without a day's break, I find myself on the verge of buckling into the depths of some serious muck. In fact, those people I've chosen to confide in might declare that I had in fact sunk into the pits but managed to climb out of it with a little divine intervention.

But what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

I'm going to be spending the next few off-days (in lieu) cleaning out my home, 'remodelling' my kitchen with proper equipment, cutlery and tableware, and working off those extra pounds I put on since I started work proper. Working 12-9pm everyday means little time to exercise. And even if those cast iron pots I carry everyday help me get some good arm toning, they are not very back and knee friendly.

I can't wait to do an evening run and get my energy back into me, and that sparkle back into my eyes.

Little Announcement For All SC/Ex-SC Girls: As Miss Heng is retiring after yonks as our dear principle, there will be a surprise farewell party for her at 1pm. Please arrive by 1230 by public transport so as not to crowd the driveway and give away the surprise. Meet at Atrium/ Spice Room at 1230!


val said...

crowd the driveway?? haha.. thats sooooo SC.
anywayz, chill babe...life can only get better =)

Anonymous said...

=) yes, life can only get better!