02 August 2010

Manhill Restaurant

Ed and I were on Sentosa yesterday morning and trawled the internet for places worth having lunch at on the island. We came across good reviews of places that were too expensive for our mood and bad reviews of places that fit our budget. While I was still flicking through pages of reviews on my iPhone (I finally got one!) in hopes of finding a suitable lunch venue, Ed excitedly recalled a restaurant called 'Manhill Restaurant', just down the road from the entrance to Sentosa, which he had always wanted to try. I brushed aside all instincts to stay on the island (since we would have to pay to enter the island in future) and decided to check out this place he had mentioned a few times before but never tried because of its elusive location.
Armed with my iPhone's GPS - gone are the days of driving in endless circles - we confidently made our way to Manhill Restaurant. At the same time, I read online reviews of the restaurant and was thoroughly entertained by the vivid descriptions of the food posted by fans of the restaurant. By the time we found parking near the restaurant, we already knew which signature dishes we were going to order.


And so, despite not being incredibly hungry, Ed and I ordered 4 dishes - Paper-wrapped Chicken, Claypot Beef, Sambal Kangkong, Apple Soup (clockwise from top right) - and finished it! The dishes were unassuming, flavourful and flawlessly executed. Each dish was comforting to the last bite. Where it was meant to be juicy, it was. Where it was meant to be crunchy, it was. Where it was meant to be rich and gorgeously silky and perfumed with garlic and onions, it most certainly was! I was so bowled over from the meal that I have been spreading this wonderful treasure to colleagues and friends ever since.
On the way home, Ed and I talked about the dishes we would order again (chicken, for sure) and other dishes we would want to try (pork ribs, eight treasures claypot) the next time we return. Considering how stuffed we were when we were having the conversation, that is certainly a very good sign.
[Update: We went back and the pork ribs are to die for. So are the prawns fried in black bean sauce.]
Manhill Restaurant
99 Pasir Panjang Road
Tel: 6474 6835

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Retro Sweets Hampers said...

I've never eaten a kangkong dish but all you blogs say they taste good. As I don't seem to stumble one here in the UK, my last hope would be to taste it when I visit Singapore.