25 May 2010

Curry in bed


10 days in Sri Lanka, and heckofalot of curry later, I'm back in Singapore and missing the lazy mornings. Well, they were mostly lazy, except for those crazy mornings my travel companions wanted to climb Adam's Peak. (Of course, Ed and I barely started before we turned back. We blame the fried rice we had the night before.)

Sri Lanka was really great. It is an unusual holiday destination among many Singaporeans. Most of my friends I told thought I was going for work, and only few could fathom why Ed, my garang travel companions, C and F, and I were so hyped up about going. When we arrived, I had no doubt we made the right decision. Thankfully, the four of us seemed to share one common and unspoken understanding - that the holiday should be absolutely indulgent.


We slept well and ate very well. Finding food was generally not a problem, especially with a trusty lonely planet guidebook. Well, apart from that one 'budget' meal we had in a shady mafia-like setting. I'll let the photos do the talking.




Annah said...

Your blog is making me hungry! That food looks amazing. and in bed? Even better!

jenn said...

Bed... food.. what is better.


Spangles Sweets said...

Now that looks certainly delicious. Your post reminded me of our romantic breakfasts in bed. Thanks, I'm going to surprise my hubby tomorrow. :)