23 January 2009

What is breakfast to you?

What comes to mind at the sight of the word “BREAKFAST”? For some, this is a hot bowl of smooth rice congee, and a long fried you tiao (a long, savoury churro). For some, this might be kaya (coconut jam) toast and a cup of thick, strong coffee. In some other continent, this could be a simple freshly baked croissant with homemade pear jam.

I personally have images of fat fluffy pancakes almost drenched in maple syrup. A slice of bacon (pictured above) was a surprising bonus at
Halia. While it worked, the combination never occured to me because they always belonged to separate breakfasts sets. Order "The Works" and you get bacon, beans, eggs, sausages and toast. Feeling like something sweet for breakfast instead? Get the pancake stack. There are few places that serve their pancakes as they should be - fat, fluffy and generous with the maple syrup. At Halia, they were all that with fruits and bacon: pure yum.

Side story- I was a little shocked when I was with a friend at a new cafe in town and the Banana Pancakes I ordered came as two 6-inch stacks of miniature pancakes the size of half my palm each. Even the bananas were tiny! Someone must have complained because the next time I went back, I saw waiters carrying plates of what looked like regular sized pancakes.

Back at Halia, while I had my mind set on the pancakes, my companion was drawn to a special breakfast combination right at the bottom of the menu - Truffle-scented Egg White Scramble with Sturgeon Caviar, Hokkaido Scallops and Foie Gras Torchon Pate on Brioche. It piqued my curiousity and after some deliberation, we took the plunge.

I was glad I was sharing it because every single component of the dish was rich. At first sight, the portion was not generous, but halfway through I was thankful for the foresight of the chef. It was decadently pleasant when shared though. Combined with light breeze, lush greenery all around (plenty of fresh oxygen), fat fluffy pancakes and a fun companion, that was possibly one of the most enjoyable breakfasts I'd ever had.

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