04 May 2008

And now at a street near you!

There are days when all you want is a big bowl of meepok, extra chilli, extra black vinegar. There are days when you know you wouldn't make it through the day if you don't get your hands on some chocolate fudge cake within the next half hour. And then there are those days when you're really looking forward to winding down the day with a big, huge bowl of crisp leafy salad tossed in some ultra-light but tasty dressing. Something 'light, plentiful and delicious'.

I had been searching for this elusive bowl of salad, a bowl that would be substantial enough to be an entire meal in itself. But more often than not, the salads I found were tiny little pretentious fistfuls placed in the middle of a big plate. In the worst of occasions, they were not well-dressed having been tossed in some oil-based dressing when the salad had not been completely dry, causing the dressing to slip off callously.

By sheer accident however, I chanced upon the ONE. I was with a couple of friends for some drinks after work one day and wasn't in the mood for the usual pub grub of ribs, sausages or mash. So I ordered a healthy sounding Soba Noodle Salad despite the seemingly hefty price tag on it. It arrived with great aplomb, and upon the first bite convinced me to willingly part with every dollar I forked out for the bill.

Soba Noodle Salad Takeaway

Such a contradiction of worlds, to have found such a fantastic bowl of salad in Brewerkz of all places. Before then, I would never have stepped into it because of the wanna-be vibe I got just from itz name. But I've been a faithful customer, bringing groups of friends there for 'drinks', however only ordering salad and water. Sure, I felt a little out of place, but it's that good. Even my mum raves about it now.

I was over the moon when I found out Brewerkz opened another outlet along Bukit Timah Road. Among the other outlets, this is its smallest, which explains a more limited menu. But all the westies would be happy to know that the Soba Noodle Salad is on the menu.

Lately, I discovered a couple of new, wonderful eateries near my home in the western part of Singapore. One of which has been blogged about by CH recently, that I've become a regular at together with my family. It's always nice to know that the ride home after dinner is a mere 5 minutes away, and not a 10-minute-walk-to-the-carpark-then-a-30-minute-drive away. More good news to come for all the westies out there!

Update (May): I visited the Bukit Timah outlet recently and ordered what else but the soba noodle salad, but was disappointed by the portion and the dressing that lacked oomph. I hope it's a teething issue!

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