24 February 2008

Chocolate-Toffee Cookie

I've been stuck at home the whole weekend, or more accurately, I've been bound to my laptop because once in a while I'd receive an sms asking me to check my email as soon as possible. It's no fun, so I'm glad this won't last for long.

Given lemons, we should make some tangy, refreshing and spunky lemonade. Given bittergourd, we should stir-fry them with deliciously salty black bean sauce and pork ribs until meltingly soft. So I stopped whining about not being able to visit my favourite shopping haunts, and did something I had not done in a while - bake.

As easy as 1, 2, 3, 4.

Epicurious recently did an article about their most popular recipes on their website. Among a Three-Cheese Fondue with Champagne, Creme Brulee French Toast, and a Double Chocolate Layer Cake was a Giant Chocolate-Toffee Cookie that looked like all the elements of a great chocolate cookie rolled (or in this case, baked) into one.

Thinking it'd be a great idea to bring a big jar of chocolate cookies to work to help everyone cope with the Monday blues, I went out to buy some chocolate-coated toffee bars and eggs. When I settled into the whisking, stirring, scraping and chopping in my kitchen, I was reminded how much I really enjoy baking, cooking, preparing food. I literally stood in front of my oven, unable to peel my eyes away from the beautifully bubbling batter.

True enough, all elements of a great chocolate cookie - chewy, intensely chocolate-y and yummiliciously rich. Not to mention that these are not difficult to bake, and do not require any fancy equipment or ingredients.

I think I could get used to this. Not that I want to get stuck at home during the weekends, virtually chained to my laptop. But if this ever happens again, I know just the thing to do to help ease my pain.


valentina said...

D "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" ffy! I'm so happy you updated your blog, I was scared u were still kim bak soon-ing!

I got your card today!!! Thanks dude, it's just what I needed after a cr"a"p week end! How's life treating you?? Gimme some news & some spicy gossip! Oy, you still coming in Jul right?! I HOPE SO! I'LL BE WAITING!

val said...

OMG, ur cookies look DAMN GOOD!

daphne said...

nice! Been wanting to make these a long time =) Actually I miss having my whole weekends at home and a chance to bake!

adelyn said...

hi! i just stumbled across your site. and it's LOVELY. those cookies - omg - amazing!!

Anonymous said...

stella> Yes! Stellaaah! =) I'm glad you received the card. Life is alright, work is now 'calming' down... Yes I'm planning for the trip! just checking ticket prices now =)

Val> Sorry I didn't keep any for you! They were gone really quickly!

Daphne> I hope you had your chance to bake over the past few weekends!

Adelyn> You should try the cookies! Eating it is better than just looking at it. =)

Anonymous said...

after an insane week at work, i tried my hand at your cookie recipe and oh gosh- i think i'm in heaven again, well sort of. thanks once again daph. :)