06 December 2007

A Hiatus Haiku

She's in Singapore,
And I've taken a week's leave!
Need I explain more?


MamaBoK said...

You two gals.. have a great time..!

Anonymous said...

thanks mamabok! =) I hope your little one is doing great!

justbrat said...

still remember me? i'm turning invisible in the race for higher GPA! lol. after this sem, i'm officially out of any "medals" placing. So i need to relearn how to live my life back!

hey teach me how to cook. i think im a fast learner. i can now manage the time for cooking maggie mee well.. not over-cooked nor raw. ;)

Anonymous said...

haha of course I remember you! I would love to teach you how to cook! And instant noodles is a great place to start. ;)