01 August 2007

La Nonna

When looking for a good hearty meal, that will not drain my wallet (too much) and that is not too shabby yet conversely not too stuffy either, a couple of places pop into mind instantly. But to identify one where the bread, menu and meal come with exuberant smiles and friendly banter on top of all that, and my list whittles down quite miserably.

So in the same ardentness that Shu recommended La Nonna, that fits all those criteria and then some, I can't help but spread the little word about this new found hangout I hope to go to with each of my girlfriends.

I went there with Addy earlier in the week and absolutely enjoyed the food, the company and the service. We would return just for the tasty pizza-bases that were sprinkled with dried herbs and baked till crisp. But the ravioli and gnocchi (pictured above) were also delicious though unphotogenic despite all my desperate attempts to take photos of them from every angle. The pizzas that were flying to the tables around us looked pretty tempting as well.

I'll definitely return soon, it is just a matter of time and most importantly, how. See, the problem is that it is quite deep into a mish-mash of bungalows and terraces near 6th Avenue. Walking there isn't a problem only if, unlike Addy and I when we went, you:
1) are not in heels,
2) have crystal clarity about the location,
3) are armed with a map anyway, and
4) don't think that there is a shortcut through 2nd Avenue.

We did manage to work up an appetite for the meal though, and thankfully so since we could not stop eating the 'pizza-biscuits' for lack of a better name. Fortunately, they'll be opening another outlet at Holland Village soon as well!

La Nonna
Shamrock Park
76 Namly Place
Opening Hours:
Lunch: 11.30am - 2.30pm
Dinner: 5.30pm - 9.30pm


Jaime-La-Nouriture said...

thanks for the recommendation! what are the food that you have tried there? i wish to have a dinner which is less than $30.


Anonymous said...

Hi Maureen, I haven't tried much other than those mentioned (Ravioli, Gnocchi). I also had one of their specials for the day, which is a sort of cured ham with ricotta cheese on a bed of rocket, but I'm not sure if they'll have that the next time you drop by. Just ask them to recommend! Go with a friend, share a starter and skip dessert. I think that'd be just around $30 in all. =)