02 July 2007

Over and done under 10 Minutes

In ten minutes, what I took many months thinking about, was over and done with. Up to now, I still walk around thinking I still have a full head of hair, until I catch my odd and unfamiliar reflection in the mirror or habitually raise my hand to stroke my ponytail.

The night before:
I thought I would be too excited/nervous/horrified/regretful to sleep, but I was too worn out from a great dinner party at my place that I just collapsed into deep, deep slumber.

The morning:
I woke up at 9, remembering that I was to meet Fel for 'The Last Brunch'. We headed to Marmalade Pantry to catch some Mushroom and Spinach Tart. I still felt like this was any other Sunday. I stopped by the Thai Festival at the Thai Embassy, bought a dress and was on my way. I didn't want to be late, but I certainly wasn't rushing to shave my head.

At Novena:
The gravity of the deed dawned on me and hit me hard.

I saw many clean shaven heads walking around me, with a few women among them too. Phew, I wasn't alone. Oh dear, that's how little hair they're leaving behind?

I queue up, register, change into my 'Hair For Hope' T-shirt. Shucks, I should have taken the 'S', but I'm almost always an M or an L. Let me fold up my sleeves, at least I'll look better.

I walk out and see Fel there, waiting for me with a camera in hand. "Last photo before you shave!" Oh dear, so it is.

I start queueing to shave and realise my friends and family aren't here yet. I stand around and wait, meanwhile I try to look down, pretending to look for something in my bag as I tear a little. Why are there tears?

My grandma comes and excitedly gives me a hug, introduces me to a friend of hers and wishes me good luck. Soon, everyone is here and there's no other reason for me to delay. I walk up the stage and my heart suddenly quickens double speed. Badaboom, badaboom, badaboombadaboombadaboom.

I sit down, feel the shaver contact my scalp and immediately, tears stream down my face as I sheepishly smile and wipe them away. I try not to think about it, close my eyes and think about how the little ones must feel. How this is kind of loss is nowhere near what they have to go through.

I finally stop crying and realise how many cameras are on the shavees. A couple of strangers were even taking a video of my entire process and I wonder if I could collect some royalty fees for that if they post it up online. My hair'stylist' gives me a rub on my head and tells me I'm done. But I know my ponytail is still left. I give a nervous laughter and tell him he's 'siao'.

When it is finally done, the tears have dried up and my friends shower me with words of encouragement. Photo after photo was taken and I got a shock when I saw my photo on the camera viewer.

It definitely takes a little getting used to, and I still feel as if my hair is still there. But it definitely feels a little cooler, my hair dries super quick, very little shampoo is needed (or should I be using shower gel?) and I can't wait for it to grow out so that I can try funky hairstyles.

Of course, more crucially, I managed to raise about $4000 (at last count) in total. And I hope the little ones feel the support everyone is giving them.

In Oscar Awards Ceremony style, I'd like to thank everyone for being so generous with their donations and encouragement. For those who would still like to donate, the online donation website is still up. Just search for Daphne Yuan and donate via your credit card. OR, contact me at amoebamoron@gmail.com to arrange to donate through other means. I'll be keeping my pledge card till 14 July 2007!


jacqui said...

can i be the first to say...


should've shaved earlier man..


Anonymous said...

good on you :)..was at novena yesterday evening and wwondering if you made the bold step already..glad to see you did :)..

Anonymous said...

reading it made me tear..

I'm really proud of you. thank you for doing it..


yixian said...

very very proud of you =) not sure if i had the same courage although it's just hair.

Anonymous said...

daffy!!! I'm so proud of you!!! and you still look good!!! even though it's only half of your face!!! I wish I could be there.. Muackz.. You go girl!!! I love you!!! you did what I was never able to do even though it had seriously crossed my mind many times... Just because I wasn't able to muster up enough courage to go ahead with it.. So I know exactly how hard it is.. I love being Yuan!!! hahaha..

Stephen said...

Everyone should shave their head once! Looks good.

Anonymous said...

jacqui> =) You think? I'm starting to love it actually. My soft, stubbly (if that makes sense) hair feels good. Are you considering for next year? =)

anonymous> Thank you. But you should have seen me cry! It was so humiliating with so many eyes on me. Had to keep reminding myself of the children.

Shu> *big, long, hug*

Yixian> Thank you. Yeah, it is really just hair. And I am really getting used to this.

Duckie> I know! I wish you could have been there with me too! And I think being a Yuan is great too =)

Stephen> Yes! It is quite cathartic in fact. =)

Anonymous said...

hello! i'm just a random passer-by, but i'm so impressed by what you did! it must have taken a lot of courage. the world needs more people like you around! keep doing what you do :)

Anonymous said...

coming out of the woodwork to applaud your incredible bravery, generosity, and sincerity =) bravo! lwy

jy said...

Daph girl you're really brave! I really admire your courage!

Btw I had the funghi panini at Menotti last Saturday, it was quite good though it came out very flat (paninis are meant to be flat but mine looked squashed) and slightly soggy... Rather different from the one my dad ate the last time! Have you tried their sandwiches/bruchettas before?

Anonymous said...

anons> Thank you! I hope the children feel our support too. =)

JY>Thank you! No I haven't tried any of their bruschettas yet. Keep hesitating if I should be taking this risk since I enjoy their paninis so much. Haven't explored enough! I'm sorry you had that squashed panini experience. Should feedback! Oh by the way have you tried cedele depot's (I went to Wheelock's) sandwiches? There's one with an onion marmalade that I love.

dan said...

Hey there

great thing you've done there, i am sure the children can see and feel the warmth from the event.

i think we have set hundreds or even thousands of hearts alight :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan, I sure hope so! All for the little ones.

jer said...

good stuff, la :)

Anonymous said...