21 May 2007

Hair For Hope

Alright, here's when I really need all your attention and help.

I'm going to be BALD. Have I got your undivided attention now?

I really need your help.


Every year, the Children's Cancer Foundation organises a 'Hair for HOPE' event, getting volunteers to shave their heads to support their cause.

In essence, it is a publicity stunt to raise awareness, as well as funds that will go towards improving the quality of lives for the chlidren and their families. It is also intended to be a sign of support for the little ones going chemotherapy sessions and facing hair loss - this was the trigger point for me in my decision to shave my head.

As you can imagine, making the decision was a tough one. Going through with it will definitely be tougher. As the date to shave my head looms nearer, I can already feel a sense of dread. But I hope that with all your support, this action of mine will be a worthwhile one.

My Cry For Support

Here is where YOU can help me, or more specifically, children with cancer -I would be OVER THE MOON if you could donate as generously as possible.

Sure, if you all decide that supporting me would be a waste of your time, I will still go on to shave my head. But I'm hoping you'll agree with me that the extra $100 sitting in your wallet would be better spent on the Children's Cancer Foundation than on that designer shirt/dress (or atas meal for some of you) that you've been saving up for the past week/month/year.

How To Donate

1. Visit http://www.ccf.org.sg/hfh/webApp/listShavees.php, find for DAPHNE YUAN and donate using your credit card. (It would also be good to let me know via email -see below- how much you've pledged online, just so I can let Santa know who has been good this year)


2. Email me at amoebamoron@gmail.com with the amount you're willing to donate, and your name. I'll make arrangements with you to collect the donation from you after I receive my pledge card on the 20th June.

Where To Catch Me Bald

1 July 2007 (Sunday) at Velocity@Novena
Time will be updated via website: http://www.ccf.org.sg/hfh/index.php

There is of course, no minimum amount that you can donate. Still, I hope that my action (i.e. shaving head) will provoke you guys into digging a little deeper into your pockets.

If you're still not convinced that this is not worth your time/effort/money, email me and give me a chance to tell you more about this cause that I feel so much for, that I am willing to sacrifice my long locks for.

Please do help me help them!

Rest assured that I will give everyone the blow-by-blow account of the entire experience, from the night before the event to the moment the electric shaver is placed on my scalp.

With love,


m a r i e said...

oh my! i have always wanted to do it. haven't plucked up enough courage though. u rock! (:

Anonymous said...

Perhaps not thinking too much might help. If you ever decide to do so, contact me and I'll do it with you!

Anonymous said...
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cindee said...

good for you girl! :)

jy said...

Daph are you serious?! You rock girl!

Anonymous said...

cindee> =)

jy> yes I'm serious! Registered and no backing out now!

skimmedoff said...

daffy! in aussieland on exchange now.. wanted to register but it's full =(((
sorry.. really wanted to go bald with you.. shall support you financially when back! hope i can get there on 1st july too.. you go girl! --li fang

Anonymous said...

Dear Li Fang, don't fret, there's always next year, though it would have been great to do this together on 1st July. Let me know if you do go down =)

Yen Yi said...

Hey, congrats! I did it too, this year. Checkout depilate.blogspot.com