20 April 2007

My Super Fast Food

Yet another quick, fuss-free, little dish for worn-out, can't-be-bothered-to-cook moments. Something that can be made in 5 minutes flat definitely deserves an entry on its own and a space in your cupboard.

Have it with some reheated chicken stew for a hearty meal.
Toss it with some greens for a healthy perk-up.
Eat it by itself if you're just feeling a little greedy but feel guilty for overeating.

I simply followed the instructions on the back of the packet, prescribing the amount of boiling water to add, and the appropriate time to wait. Using boiling chicken stock might make it slightly tastier, but it might then strip away too much of its original flavour (though this might be a good thing for some). Added the toasted pinenuts, raisins, mandarin olive oil (see previous entry), some lemon juice, and salt, and tossed till it was light and fluffy. Just make sure you use instant cous cous, or be prepared to steam it (the traditional way) or simmer it in a pot for up to an hour!

I think it says much that my meals are getting shoddier and quicker to prepare, ever since my work started proper. Though I think I should qualify that it's not that I stay at work till late, but that all those yoga classes after work simply leave me little time to spend time in the kitchen. Even my weekends are burnt spending entire days with Fel (which actually isn't bad)! It sure feels rather 'dodgy' meeting up with her almost everyday of the week though.


dai said...

hey daffy duck. long time no nothing so i post a comment on your blog.
how are youuu? you la you la.
your dishes are so cooooool ah. give me give meeee.
thats it... im sleepy need to sleep.. byeee

Anonymous said...

hey dai! hahahaha you're really funny. Have you been cooking at all??? Make more takoyaki like last time! =)