12 April 2007


Creamed spinach with mushrooms and mozzarella cheese panini

Before I left for UK, I was insane about sandwiches. I would willingly give up my bowl of Mee Pok for a well-filled club sandwich anyday. I thought UK was the PERFECT place for me to live in. I could live on sandwiches all day/week/month/year long. That was until I arrived and got sick of sandwiches within the first month.

After a month of all different types of sandwiches, I learnt to be a little more discerning of the good and the bad. Those with incredibly dry and tasteless fillings ought to have been banned, but were unfortunately rampantly available in our school's Costcutter (mini-mart). What UK did open my eyes to, was the world of Paninis. Crisp exteriors, matched with just the right amount of filling not to overwhelm but to flirt with one's tastebuds and pleasure points.

But grass is always greener on the other side, and after one month of 30 too many sandwiches, I hardly touched sandwiches anymore, even paninis. I opted for more 'real' food instead. Preparing Asian (Chinese) food was a luxury that I would indulge in after each trip into London or Birmingham's Chinatown.

Now, having been back in Singapore for almost a year now (just about slightly more than 2 months shy of that mark), I'm glad to announce that my aversion to sandwiches seems to have worn off. But while I used to lavish in any kind of sandwiches, as long as there were two slices of bread with something edible in between (I'm just as dumbfounded as you by my past choices), I find myself increasingly dissatisfied with the sandwiches that some cafes try to con you into buying.

So when I need my sandwich (panini) fix, I usually return to my reliable haunt - Menotti. It was recommended by a fellow reader (JY) quite a while ago through her comment. We had met when I was working in Takashimaya, where she enquired about panini presses and lamented the dearth of great paninis in Singapore. In the end, she couldn't find a suitable one for her home, but felicitously found Ricciotti and Menotti (both under Garibaldi). I've tried almost the entire range of their paninis by now and have only been let down by the Pollo Panini, where the chicken seemed to be in dire need of some moisture.

Seafood risotto (with extremely fresh prawns)

Thankfully, they also serve a range of pastas and (a) risotto, for those friends of mine who are of the opinion that a sandwich makes not real food. The pastas that I've pinched from them have been excellent, and in my last visit, my girlfriend thought the risotto was great, just a little too heavy for her. Their portion of risotto was incredibly generous and might have overwhelmed my very skinny friend (with her very skinny appetite) a little. I've tried desserts but have not been particularly impressed (and even really disappointed once), though it's the only place I've seen Olive Oil Gelato being served.

I also appreciate that I am guaranteed a seat immediately, everytime I go there. I am a little surprised by this but I'm not complaining, and exploiting this while it lasts!

Menotti The Original Italian Café
252 North Bridge Road
#01-17 Raffles City Shopping Centre
Singapore 179103
Tel: (65) 6333 9366
Fax: (65) 6339 4907
Email: info@garibaldi.com.sg
* Email reservations must be made 24 hours in advance

Sunday to Thursday: 8am to 12am
Friday, Saturday and Eve of Public Holidays: 8am to 1am


Anonymous said...

Hey! Correct me if i'm wrong..but are u on FC now? cos' i juz realised today tat u look rather familiar.. =p

If you are..then i guess it's a realli small world!!!

dropshot said...

Thanks for the mention Daph! I hope the paninis are satisfactory, apart from the chicken filling? Actually my dad and I have only been there once, there are too many good eating places to visit in SG! But we'll definitely go back there again cos my dad luuuurves thin and crispy-pastried paninis :P

Btw which other paninis do you recommend from Menotti/Ricciotti? :D

Anonymous said...

Pijjie-Hey there! I am indeed, who is this?? Give me a nudge tomorrow or something! This is definitely an incredibly tiny world =)

JY> Yes, the other paninis are great, apart from the one with chicken. The grilled vegetables and the creamed spinach ones are my fav, but the one with crab meat is not too far off either!

JY said...

Ooooooh the creamed spinach one sounds great! I shall definitely try it soooooon!

Thanks Daph! :D

Anonymous said...

No problem =) Let me know which ones you enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Clue: Don't tink i've even spoken to u before. Easy? =p

Ans: Lin Teck =)