07 February 2007

My Irritatingly Skinny Friend (ISF)

Addy, Val (my ISF) and I, at the airport.

Everyone definitely has a skinny friend. That would be the girl who has a neverending appetite and a metabolic rate to match. The one who complains about hunger just a few hours after a really big meal, yet always has to find for the smallest sizes in the boutique. The one who only works out occasionally, and has the porcelain fair skin.

Having an Irritatingly Skinny Friend is actually not a bad thing, since she eats virtually anything except peas and pineapples. She is willing to eat absolutely anything else I experiment with, from the overly exotic to the downright plain.

But she'll tell me if I've gone overboard with the flavours and tell me if she hates it. I LOVE her for that, but now she's gone off to Milan and won't be back for many moons.

How I hate her for that.


Val said...

Skinny meh...my face looks the fattest. Anyways, CIAO! From the land of Guccis and Pradas.... Everyone here looks like they just walked out of Vogue. And I`ve been eating pizza everyday coz the kitchen doesn`t have utensils. But otherwise...everything a-okay! =)

Anonymous said...

How could you not think to bring utensils?!!?!?!? That would be the first thing I would pack! *grin*
You have fun in Vogue-Land. I'll be waiting for you to come back! Hurry! Then we can have bridge night again. Maybe Mahjong this time! *hugs*
I miss you!!!