27 January 2007

A Colourful Life

I can't remember when I first chanced upon a recipe that called for ribbons of zucchini and carrot to be added to noodles to add colour and crunch to an otherwise ordinary dish. Ever since, if I felt the need to bring a little colour to a meal, I'd grab my vegetable peeler and get working.

The great thing about making carrot ribbons is that it is twice (or even thrice) as quick as trying to julienne carrots into little matchsticks, and takes only a few seconds to cook through. This brings back fond memories of how Stella and I used to agonise over those idiotic chunks of carrots that would take ages to even start to soften, torturing us ravenous souls. Over time of course, we got smarter and our carrots were sliced thinner. Sometimes I even resorted to microwaving (oh the sin!) them before dumping them into our wok/frying pan to stir-fry.

Of course, other than creating strips of faux noodles, I could also buy those tricolor dried pasta readily available in supermarkets. Or even some jet-black dried squid-ink pasta to toss around in some olive oil and capers for an almost-instant-noodle-dish.

But if you, like me, have recently purchased a pasta machine from your friendly local kitchenware store, then you should probably try creating your own coloured fresh pasta. It is uber-satisfying and almost like working with clay, except that in the end, you can eat your work of art. How cool is that!

Though not at all a fan of beetroot, I ventured into making beetroot pasta because of the beautiful pink it would impart to the pasta. Perhaps an alternative would be to use red dragonfruit, which always manage to stain my fingers a dark pink. A lesson to be learnt for future pasta-making sessions would be to always stain the pasta just a shade darker than is expected since the colour fades a little after being cooked.

Now if only I could find some pesticide-free flowers that can help me attain some deep purple pasta. Wouldn't that be interesting?


Anonymous said...

were you there distributing chocolates at this sculpture award? I declined your offer of the chocs as I was nursing a cold only to take a second look at you. The chocs & you looked fabulous to say the least - good job :)

Anonymous said...

Indeed, that would be me! thank you =) And you are? Did you at least manage to try the lamb served by Brasserie Wolf? It was fabulous!