20 December 2006

Butter Pillows

Delicate cookies that are firm between your fingers but which crumble more than willingly under the bite. Buttery, laced with ground almonds and rolled in cinnamon sugar, giving it a nice hint of spice and the slightest crunch with each mouthful, these cookies when hand-shaped and baked, puff up into extremely adorable crescents blushing golden brown at their tips.

I made them fairly plump and substantial, the kind that you would dig out from the large cookie jar to munch on senselessly, wrapped up in a faded yellow fleece blanket and watching your favourite drama serial (Judging Amy) or bitchy reality show (Project Runway).

But make them small and bite-sized, and they'll be perfect for a chic tea party - uber cute and easy to pop into your mouth without any unglamourous mess. The only problem would be restraining yourself from grabbing too many at a time lest it runs out before you can have your third piece. If you have a few girlfriends over who want to help with some cookie-making, these are also perfect since the only time consuming part is the shaping of the cookies. Plenty of fun and girl bonding is guaranteed. The dough took just about 5 minutes to put together (with a KitchenAid or any sturdy electric mixer with a paddle attachment).

I have no idea who would turn down these beautiful buttery pillows, which are actually called Fleisher Family Hornchen. Made with finely ground blanched almonds, these are German cookies that I found in Carole Walter's 'Great Cookies: Secrets to Sensational Sweets'. The recipe can actually be found online as well. If you're looking for a cookie to add to your repertoire of Christmas Cookie Recipes, this is a definite must-have.


tabehodai said...

oh... cookies just in time for Christmas. when are you sending some my way? :p

a KitchenAid? wow, i'm envious!

btw do u hv a good choc fondue "recipe"? i'm gonna have a choc fondue party next week, so i'm in the midst of planning now. i'm thinking for dips strawberries, bananas, kiwi fruits, rippled potato chips, yukimi daifuku (to replace HG frozen balls of ice-cream), some not-sure-what-yet cookies and some not-sure-what-yet cakes. but i still need a good chocolate in the pot. so let me know if u have any 'recipe' yeh?

Anonymous said...

T> I'm emailing you! =)

Anonymous said...

daffy..can i also have one of those cookies. Looks so crispy and delicious! :P

I like buttery stuff and yes, i ate a chicken pie last night for supper. >.<

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda, the next time we meet perhaps I will remember to bake some for you! Or you can always try out the recipe for yourself =) It is not difficult at all. And you make it sound as if eating chicken pie is bad!

Anonymous said...

daffy..no. I was trying to meant it tasted great. hence, the squeal of delight.


ya..my hands itching to try that recipe out. hope it won't be too tough. let ya know again.thks for being an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda, they aren't tough to make at all, trust me =) Happy New Year!