30 November 2006

Oishi ne!

Fast food and me don't go (they really stink), with a few exceptions. Like when I'm craving for something sweet, cold, cheap and quick, I will put on a wig, wear a fake moustache, hold my breath and order a fifty cents vanilla ice cream cone from Mc-D. When I pass by Mos Burger or KFC and could do with something satisfying and am not counting the calories, I'd order a pack of their fat (in all senses of the word) fries or potato wedges.

But when my mum waxed lyrical about a certain pizza joint called Oishi, I was intrigued. Having had excellent pizza during my Eurotrip with darling Yin, and being a new thin-crust convert, I was understandably also skeptical. So when she suggested ordering in one Saturday afternoon from Oishi Pizza, I said 'Bring it on!'

Since it took almost 1.5 hours to reach us, that makes it possibly the slowest fast food ever. We had ordered a Kim Chi one (for my brother's Korean food phase), and an Unagi one together with some potato croquettes and two types of salad. Forty bucks in total for 4 people, it was not too bad value for money. The tastes were also quite decent, though the Kim Chi one oddly had loads of black pepper. Perhaps it is just the novelty of it all (first time seeing Edamame and seaweed on my pizza), but I quite enjoyed it. So did the rest of my family.

My only gripe is the fact that the crust was thick, unlike what my mum gets when she orders it to her office. Different branches have different standards perhaps, but I sure could do with much, much thinner crusts. At least it was soft, fluffy and easily digestible.

Oishi Pizza


desmond said...

Anyone know where to get really good kimchi? =)

Anonymous said...

hey daffy duck, the wala invite a while back was roxanne.sorry for the late reply.been busy.take care yea

Anonymous said...

daffy! looks like yr skills have improved progressively. .great cooking. Yummy.. i am craving for of those. Take care too! :) Keep on sharpening yr culinary skills.. cya